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Dating and/or hooking up with a freshman in high school when you are a Senior in high school or older.
"Hey who is Marcus walking down the hallway with? She looks like an 11 year old."

"Oh I can't believe you didn't hear about Marcus pulling a Foster! He's been porking that freshman for weeks now."
by shallb1502 September 21, 2011
when a female has to masturbate on her stomach in order to climax
Samantha sucks at pleasing her boyfriend when they have Skype sex because she is always shar shar-ing.
by shallb1502 December 13, 2012
Having sex with a guy that looks like he's 10 years older than you after knowing him for 2 weeks or less.
"OMG did you hear about Brittany hooking up with Tom?"

"Yes!! He's like 28 and they just met!!"

"OMG ew she's totally pulling a pavs. What a fucking slut."
by shallb1502 December 13, 2012
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