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7 definitions by shalalala

When two people break up and get back together just for one night. It was originally from the Friends episode, The One With Monica's Thunder (episode 701), this term was from Rachel to Ross.
Rachel: Hey! You know what we never did?
Ross: *raises eyebrow
Rachel: Oh no, not that! um, we never had, we never had BONUS NIGHT!
Ross: What?!
Rachel: ..Oh you know when two people break up and get back together just for one night.
Ross: One night... just sex... no... strings attached?
by shalalala October 02, 2006
horizontal-axis wind turbines; they have the main rotor shaft and electrical generator at the top of a tower, and must be pointed into the wind. Small turbines are pointed by a simple wind vane, while large turbines generally use a wind sensor coupled with a servo motor.
Modern day wind turbines are used to generate wind power are HAWT.
by shalalala March 11, 2008
Northern Soul refers to music and associated dance styles and fashions that were popular in the dancehalls of northern England, starting in the late 1960s. The phrase northern soul was coined by journalist Dave Godin after a visit to the Twisted Wheel Club sometime around 1970 for his column in Blues and Soul magazine. Many of these people became involved in the mod movement.
woah that shirt is totally northern soul
by shalalala November 24, 2006
1) a film by Jessie Nelson about Sam Dawson (Sean Penn), a man with a development disability, who raises his 7y.o. daughter, Lucy (Dakota Fanning)
2) a quote from sam-i-am, a character from Dr Seuss's book, Green Eggs and Ham
1) that movie with sean penn in it, i am sam, is so sad =(
2)I am Sam
Sam I am
That Sam-I-am!
That Sam-I-am!
I do not like
that Sam-I-am!
by shalalala November 25, 2006
a Canadian singer-songwriter and filmmaker. his music blends folk, rock jazz and very often contains explicitly political themes.
bob wiseman says: i wish i could remember my name, i think it starts with a 'b'?
by shalalala November 25, 2006
nickname for takeru kobayashi, a japanese competitive eater who holds the world record for hot dog eating. in october 2006, he set a new high of eating 53 and 3/4 hot dogs in 12 minutes
omg the tsunami set another record in hot dog eating again!! *in awe
by shalalala November 25, 2006
(cantonese term verb)

to boil is to spend many hours, at least 3 hours nonstop, to watch a chinese, korean, or japanese drama. people who boil dramas stereotypically eat cup noodles while watching these dramas.
girl #1: omg! you look so tired! you need concealer or something
girl #2: OMGOMG meteor garden was so good! i was boiling it yest. for 18hrs! fdsjkjfdslaj i don't care if i look tired and am full of msg!
by shalalala November 25, 2006