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To screw someone over or to take advantage of them. The lowest act known to man.
Not only did he steal my wallet, but he used my credit cards. He is a real rat fuck or he really rat fucked me.
by sfguy August 11, 2005
Benedictine and Brandy. A sophisticated after dinner drink. Usually, slowly sipped from a snifter. It can accompany a cigar.
That was a great meal. Let's go to the bar for a B & B and a cigar.
by sfguy August 11, 2005
The over the top manner in which an openly gay person speaks. A person who can be identified as being gay through their manner of speech is said to have a San Francisco accent.
I knew he was gay the first time I spoke to him, he spoke with a San Francisco accent.
by sfguy August 11, 2005
Leland Stanfurd Junior University. It is located in the crotch of the San Francisco Bay, in Palo Alto. Known for being an overpriced country club and not a true university. Home to a dysfunctional band and an idiotic tree as their mascot. Their students suffer from "Cal envy". They all wish they could wear the Blue and Gold. Go Bears!!
I hope I am able to get into Cal, if not I'll have to take out a big loan and settle for Stanfurd. Maybe I'll just go to city college.
by sfguy August 11, 2005

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