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The other half of the human race; and therefore human! NOT a whore, slut, dog, dishwasher, or sex object (I know thats a surprise to many). Equal to, however different from, men. Not as physically strong to body make-up and fat content. They generally make up 60% of universities...
Many people seem to think that women are naturally hysterical and emotional, mainly because they have the "female" hormone esrtogen...This isn't actually true! Estrogen doesn't cause emotion, and men have it too. Another common idea is that women are naturally hormonally imbalenced, especially during 'that time of month,' and that if a women isn't being 'logical' she has PMS...
Actually a woman’s "time of the month" causes a spike in testosterone to equal a man's. So when we complain that a woman has PMS, at that moment she is hormonally a male; meaning at the same time one calls a woman 'hormonal' is when she acts like how a normal man is like all the time.
This is mainly a response to some of the sickening things being written about women..if anyone wants to prove that women are not considered equal humn beings just show them some of the comments on this site!!!
James: Have you met my woman Belle; she just graduated from Law school and I think she is important..
Theodore: No, but I know how you feel, as my woman is like my other half.
by severa February 09, 2009

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