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When someone (usually female) uses her sexyness and charm to network in the business world.
There she is again, having a few cocktails and Annetteworking....hope this connection will get her a better job.
by seriouslyonlyme November 19, 2009
Usually referred to a person who hates everything. Is never happy with anyone or anything. Very critical of what others are doing. Constantly complains. Even pissy when everyone around them is having a good time and laughing. aka Debbie Downer
Do we have to invite her again? She is such a pissy pants.
by seriouslyonlyme April 12, 2009
Translation: Good Morning Sex.

Definately referring to sex in the a.m. with a hot Spanish man.
I can't wait to have buenos dias sex on vacation!
by seriouslyonlyme April 20, 2009
A Canadian person who is a complete and utter jackass, a liar.
The guy is a total maple.
by seriouslyonlyme April 11, 2009
The name you give people who act alot younger than their actual age. Especially guys who are acting very immaturely in public.
He's so 12.
by seriouslyonlyme April 12, 2009
A code word to be used among girlfriends for a very sexy Puerto Rican man who is a perfect 10.
That guy is so rum.
by seriouslyonlyme April 12, 2009
A name given to a girl (usually) who does not think for herself and has the need to copy everything everyone else does. Totally does not have her own life. Lies like a maple.
She is so douchey, she should get her own life. Why does she keep following me around?
by seriouslyonlyme April 12, 2009

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