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A nickname for a large and or powerful penis. The phallus is known as the "thunderstick." The semen is known as "lightning" or "rain." After having intercourse with a thunderstick, the female has been "thunderstruck."
Girl A- So Preston got tanked at the party and got naked. His penis is rather large and rather thick. I think it qualifies as a thunderstick.
Girl B- Nice! I hope i get struck by lightning!

Man A- Dude, I make it rain on dem hoes with my thunderstick.

Boy A- Yeah i boinked her last night. She's been thunderstruck.
Boy B- Shizzle
by sensimillia August 13, 2008
a slang term for a firearm, usually a shotgun of the 12 gauge variety.
Homie got hit with a thunderstick and was DOA!
by sepsev1982 October 15, 2011

My thunder stick was loooking for action
by oahu232 October 15, 2007
large, stinky, and long turds
"Dude i just made some thunder sticks in the bathroom"
by noah p m. August 24, 2008
Long thin plastic ballons used as noisemakes iby fans at sporting events, usually in cities that don't have fans who can make real noise (See Los Angeles Angels).
Man #1 - "Why did all these Angels fans bring their dildos to the game Today?

Man #2 - "They're not dildos, those are those stupid thunder sticks. None of them can cheer properly, so they smack those things together"
by nyjyrk June 17, 2010
When a women uses her dildo so fast that u cannot see it any more means it is a thunderstick
Dave watches mary use her thunderstick so fast that he could see it any he about blew his load all over her
by doesnt matter April 29, 2004
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