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Heat source used in Germany in the late 1930's and early 1940's.
Eva: Wolfie, its cold in here tonight. Adolf: Shut the fuck up and throw another jew on the fire.
by scut monkey August 08, 2009
What happens to you after watching a certain movie trilogy one too many times.
Sir Ian can blow it out his ass. I am now Bored of the Rings.
by scut monkey August 11, 2009
(v.) to poo
I'll be there as soon as I can but first I have to drop mr. brown off at the pool.
by scut monkey August 08, 2009
(n) notorious Nazi concentration camp during World War II for long bodied, short legged dogs who repetedly would shit on the floor and chew up their owners jackboots right before a big invasion.
"Adolf, if you shit on the divan and gnaw on those boots one more time I swear to God I'll send your ass off to Dauchsundau."
by scut monkey August 10, 2009
Eastern european monarch who pioneered research in the fields of in-vitro fertilization and the bat-winged feminine hygeine products.
Thanks to the work of Sperm Count Dracula, Sofia was able to give birth to a Downs syndrome child at the age of fifty and maintain her cotton panties in a near pristine state of whiteness.
by scut monkey August 08, 2009
silent but deadly fart from the ass of an obese black woman
Lawdy lawdy, Miss Scarlet, ah dun know nuthin bout birthin no babies, but ah does know y'all best open da winda cause I jest squeezed out one dem phantom uh da oprah an...........whoooo wheee, dat smell mo dan when ma ol' man come home aw liquored up lass friday night an shit in da bed.
by scut monkey August 08, 2009
(n.) the number following seben in Ebonic mathmatics
Jefferson scored a fitty aight on his I.Q. test but thanks to affirmative action still got into Harvard.
by scut monkey August 08, 2009

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