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Rad and fantastic combined making a force to be rekoned with. If you are radtastic you are the best.
That movie was so radtastic i bet it will get great reviews
by sctso April 28, 2003
Weed, Ganja Mary Jane etc.
That homeslice was all smoked up on the devils lettuce.
by sctso October 29, 2003
Go listen to GG allin and you'll see
You Scumfucs gotta pick up some gg allin records
by sctso October 29, 2003
Oversized ping pong or undersized tenis played with a wiffle ball and wooden paddels. It is a RAD GAME
Lets go play pickle ball at the pickle ball court
by sctso April 28, 2003
A dance where you move so slowly that you become sloth like. It goes like this 1. Move real slow 2. Grab onto the nearest tree. 3. Now you are doing the sloth
Lets go do the sloth at club YAK
by sctso May 08, 2003
A thick coat of hair on ones butt cheeks.
Bears have really big ass rugs
by sctso October 29, 2003
Extremely Large Man boobs.
Dan portal has jumble jugs.
by sctso October 29, 2003

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