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1. (n) Something or someone that is irresistible to many females.
2. (n) The act of multiple females fawning over something or someone they are attracted to.
"Whoa- that is one gorgeous man."
- "I know- that guy is a serious vagcottack waiting to happen."
by scrbbl November 22, 2011
1. (n) (RAH-dih-kahns) The act of leading others to believe one's penis is not what it actually is. The instigator may imply that it is bigger, smaller, wider, narrower, shaped differently, circumcised, un-circumcised, etc.- when it is actually to the contrary.
"He told me he had a huge dick, and I believed him- but I was simply a victim of his rodicons."
by scrbbl November 22, 2011
1. (n) The illusion of a tan as a result of preforming oral sex that is preformed using tanning agents (lotions, oils etc) for extra lubrication.

2. (n) The illusion of a tan as a result of recieving oral sex with tanning agents used as lubricant.
"Did you see that ho with the brown mouth?"

-"Hahahah! YES! That chick has a serious oratan."
by scrbbl November 22, 2011
(n) Someone that somebody hooked up with that was not attractive and/or rude and generally untolerable. In other words: someone that makes people say "whhhaat??" when they find out that someone hooked up with them. See also "whudy"
"Giiiiirl WTF did you bring him home for?! That douche is such a whud!"
by scrbbl November 22, 2011

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