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best place ever, everyone wants to live there because it's so nice and all the best people on the world live there :)!
euan - "aren't ya glad to live in strathaven"
bobbie - "yeah, it's so nice and all the cool people live here like us :)!
by scottdastalker April 14, 2011
a pervy man who glares at everyone that he dislikes which would include everyone. he wears the same shirt every day and eats off the floor. old greenberg is glued to a small silver whistle and pervs at everyone with his micropig that he owns.
charlie - ''see ronni, what do you think of him?''
ross - ''bit of an old greenberg tbh.''
by scottdastalker May 29, 2011
a mad, fat, musical man who smells terrible, sweats like a pig, calls everyone son (including girls and people his own age), never remembers names including his own, has the word mackay somewhere in his name and is mentally retarded.
Girl: sits down in a classroom
Mad MacKay: ''You can't sit there, son!!!'
Girl: thinks to herself 'what a mad mackay!!!'
by scottdastalker January 14, 2011
absolute retard, like a retarded retard basically.
teacher - "how do you spell cheese?"
ross - "B.U.M.S.M.E.L.L."
teacher - "don't be such a fucktard..."
by scottdastalker April 14, 2011
if someone says bazinga and another person does whatever caused the first person to say bazinga better than they did.
adam - "i just snogged that way hot girl over there...bazinga!"
sam - "yeah, but i just tounged all her mates...bazinga backfire!"
by scottdastalker April 14, 2011
when someone does something good, this is what they say.
adam - "oh yes, i just snogged that hot girl over there...bazinga!"
by scottdastalker April 14, 2011
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