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a good looking guy although he doesnt think so... someone who does not show alot of emotion and does not give alot away as to how he is feeling
girl:hey euan
by SCREWitGOOD April 05, 2010
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metrosexual cool sweet-talker
how euan is that guy over there?
by defier May 30, 2007
Absolutely amazing guy that everyone loves. usually tall and handsome with a rock solid body and often have gorgeous blue eyes. Such a friendly, sweet and kind personality that no one dislikes. Big sportsman and as smart as they come. Usually shy and quiet when you first meet him but he slowly grows on you until you fall in love with him. True friend and entirely trustable. All the ladies want him but do not approach as he appears to shy at first. always ends up with the hottest and sweetest girl imaginable and often the relationship lasts a life time.
by asdfghgfds October 22, 2013
Euan is a really nice really hot guy but he doesn't think it , always up for anything at any time ,
he's had a hard life and keeps all his feelings bottled up and only tells them to people he really trusts . Any girl would be lucky to have this guy even though they take him for granted he's really sweet lovely and caring , although he can be quite the flirt and likes to have a good time -real party dude
Hey is that Euan
Yea it is

Then the party just got better
by 69Dude69 January 23, 2014
A boy that has a late growth spurt and later finds that most girls exculding the men ones wants his dick.
He is not Spanish
He has grown like a euan thats why the girls love him.
by GarryWestOfYork January 09, 2013
ignored and taken for granted; trustworthy but not trusted; a gap-filler -.-
Person 1: Shall we go?
Person 2: should we wait for Euan...?
Person 1: Nah, no point
Person 2: ok then :)
Person 3: hurry up

(later on, Euan is wondering around everywhere trying to find his "friends" <-- so much for that -.-)
by Caticus98 February 04, 2013
A total a complete nigger, Euans are renowned for having extremely tiny penises, and also having a fetish for fat girls. They often use "Dude, I was high!" or "Dude, I was totally wasted..." as an excuse for doing stupid and / or completely retarded things, such as lying on top of a fat chick in a bush while rubbing their stomach and making out with them. They are often prone to bullshitting, and are not trustworthy friends.
My, that guy is such a Euan.
by SouperP00per April 09, 2013

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