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the horrible smelling sweat in between your ballsack and your leg
my nut butter reeks
by scott wakeling March 24, 2003
a swift tv show involving jet-li and some other slant eyed fellows doing crazy stunts in tokyo (with their toyotas and hondas.......... they usually just use their nos powered roller skates
the americans wont have any trouble seeing us with their big american eyes
by scott wakeling April 11, 2003
a sexual position that is usually used on forign people on the 4th of july while having sex with taco salads
(not to be confused with midget sundae
yes ill have the midget salad with ranch dressing
by scott wakeling March 24, 2003
when u pull a bulls ball-sack down to the ground
u really honked that bull
by scott wakeling November 19, 2003
a tan jizz filled snack usually eaten by mitch b
for lunch i had a grahm cracker
by scott wakeling March 27, 2003

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