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Scott Williams

Scott is a poor scummy motherfucker who lives in a poor ass apartment and loves toes. He also works a lot cuz he's poor.
Scott is a poor scummy motherfucker who lives in a poor ass apartment and loves toes. He also works a lot cuz he's poor.
by scott April 30, 2004
A person who is both smart at things he wants to learn, but needs to take a break once in a while.
Hey Gu, Stop getting A's!

To Gu or Not to Gu, that is the question.
by Scott October 27, 2003
A word meaning, qiute litrally, everything. Sometimes mistaken for the Republican party abbreviation, GOP is a unique, fun word. The word can be used for any part of speech and its meaning can only be interpreted by a High Prophet or by context clues.
NOTE: GOP may only be used once in a sentence to avoid rewriting necessary paradoxical laws that govern the universe.
Look, a GOP!
Dude, I GOPped him.
GOP that, I'm outta here.
by ScOtT March 21, 2005
A shithouse band that tweenies think are real rock but its worse than avril lavigne. They used to be good before american idiot but now they suck fat cock

Oh and by the way:
Hey girls! Billie Joe Armstrong will never fuck you
omfg!!11111 have youuu heerrd boulivard of bwoken dwweams by gwween day, its like so hard core

me: you suck, go listen to real rock like sum 41, korn or even rummenstein but YOU WOULDNT KNOW WHAT THAT IS, WOULD YOU SWWWIIINNNNNNNEEEE
by scott March 11, 2005
adj. or n. used to describe any lazy hobo that smells, has no job, and has a dirty sanchez. Usually hails from Perpignan, France, but may be found living in a cardboard box in any dump around the world. This word can be used to describe anything or anybody negatively.
"OMG, Scott is so much cooler than Loic."

"EWWW, look at that dirty homeless guy. He is soooo loic."

"Fuck, I just took a shit and it smelled worse than Loic."
by Scott April 18, 2005
Word used to describe a jobless red headed step child from the bowels of Perpignan, France. "Loics" are hated by many, and this word can be used to describe anything that is lame.
"Wow, Scott is so much more sicky gnar gnar than Loic"

"This pinto is soooo loic."

"Like, oh my god, look at that hobo, he is sooooo loic."
by Scott April 18, 2005
A person that plays on Halo, who is a total douche bag, and enjoys getting blowjobs from a bus driver named jenny.
8 mile is getting a bj while he acts like a douche on Halo.
by Scott April 22, 2005

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