289 definitions by scott

1. Gnar
2. Someone in the style of out of style
3. Not giving a fuck and being on top of their game about it.
4. In skateboarding, fresh, or a trick with a lot of hype.
"Oh my God Scott was throwing down some hesh style today"

"Check out that hesh gear he's got on, that's gnar"
by Scott March 09, 2005
A word to describe a really stupid person.
That dude's an E Brain.
Started in 1970 to discribe people that don't use common sense.
by Scott February 07, 2005
Mud People; the dirty Mexicans that live in poor parts of Mexico;

mexican bums
kid1: mud people family at dollar tree
kid2: *laughs*
by scott March 17, 2005
Any activity involving 3 or more people or 2 or more cars.
I tried to meet those guys at the movies but it all turned into a big cluster fuck
by scott January 17, 2004
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