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A toad capable of hypnosis through tel... ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!!
I don't see what's so special abot th...ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!!!
by scotsman_too_hotsman September 18, 2009
A perverse sexual practice.
Before sex, cook up some bacn. Tie a string around this bacon, and get your lady to eat said bacon, leaving the string hanging from her mouth. Proceed with anal intercourse. As you reach climax, pull the string, pulling the bacon from your lady's throat. Her anal uscles will tighten immeasurably. Tehn pull out- her rectum will invert as you pull out, leaving a "pink sausage" hanging out of her arse.
I gave Ana a pink sausage last night- she had to go to the hospital.
by scotsman_too_hotsman March 07, 2009
1) A mistress or a "bit on the side".

2) Someone willng to accept a booty call.
Boris: Who's that then Scotsman?

Scotsman: She's my gash on a lash.

Boris: That's disguating Scotsman.
by scotsman_too_hotsman March 07, 2009
entering a state of hysteria so severe the sufferer is unable to walk or stand. Often accompanied by meaningless babbling.
She spent most of the exam felicitating
by scotsman_too_hotsman July 05, 2009

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