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7 definitions by scissorbot

a mildly amusing word to call someone so you will have their attention.
amie: hey slutnugget, get yer ass over here.
tom: i love when you talk dirty to me.
by scissorbot April 20, 2008
a person who lacks the ability to decide if they want to be in a relationship.
the bastard just can't decide if he wants to make this work or if he wants to bump uglies with every other girl he sees.

he's so fucking romantically bipolar.
by scissorbot December 16, 2007
fingerless gloves that turn into mittens. popular among the homeless
dude, those glittens make you look like a hobo.
by scissorbot November 09, 2007
1) a bucket of douche.
2) someone who's being a total jagwad for no real reason.
3) neither a delicious or nutritious treat.
"we should boil them in a vat of hot chocolate."
"yup. all of them."
"i don't think that would taste very good."
by scissorbot April 20, 2008
A moment in time where someone whom you find completely unattractive actually looks like someone you would want to procreate with. Common among celebrities who get airbrushed beyond recognition.
(shows a magazine cover with Kristen Stewart on it actually looking pretty)
Amy: "Who do you think this is?"
Eddie: "She's pretty."
Amy: "It's Kristen Stewart."
Eddie: "Oh, she's having a situational beauty moment... good for her."
by scissorbot August 12, 2011
Short-form for "surfing the crimson tide" aka, having one's period. That obnoxious time of the month where a girl can't do anything fun, i.e. have sex.
"I'm horny, let's have sex."
"Can't. Tiding, call me in like 5 days."
by scissorbot August 07, 2009
Acronym for "Hot Older Man". Like George Clooney or something.
Amie: "I just don't get it with Brad Pitt. He's not a HOM."
Steve: "A HOM?"
Amie: "A hot older man."
Steve: "Alright, I'm a guy and even I get it."
by Scissorbot May 28, 2008