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3 definitions by saxman

a greeting or salutation. Used exactly like the word "Aloha."

Can be used at the end of ANY conversation whether it be on the phone, in person, or through e-mail.

Sometimes used in conjunction with an exiting flick of the hand.
John: "Dude, that was a killer burrito! Thanks for taking me to lunch. See ya later!"

Brendan: "No problem, man. Vagina."
by Saxman August 04, 2006
When your girlfriend tells you you are the perfect guy and loves you, but leaves you for her ex that just came out of nowhere after agonizing for a week about how she loves two people, just like in the notebook.
"Hey, where's your girlfriend?" "She's with her ex. I got Notebook Dumped." "Sorry man."
by saxman May 30, 2012
a salutation, or way to bid farewell to your friends. Used when leaving a party or band rehersal, or when hanging up from a phone conversation.
Scott: "Thanks for coming over. I'll see you next week."
Rick: "Ok, man. Suck it!"
by Saxman August 04, 2006