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3 definitions by savvysparrow

A tan line is line on the body where the skin is tan on one side and pale on the other. This occurs when too much time is spent in the sun wearing the same types of clothes or accessories.
You always wear the same type of sandals, and now look at the horrible tan line you've got!
by savvysparrow June 23, 2006
A soccer tan is a small band of tan skin from the knee to lower thigh on otherwise pale legs. This is caused by playing too much soccer outside and only the space between your shorts and tall socks getting any sun.
She spends all her time outside playing soccer, so she's got nothing but a soccer tan.
by savvysparrow June 23, 2006
A pronounced tan line where the lower back and legs are tan, while the butt is still pasty white.
I went to the beach for one day and I already have a coppertone tan!
by savvysparrow June 23, 2006