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adjective; describes an adolescent boy whom has a unnerving interest in womans sanitary products.

Often: wearing a tampon
collecting a tampon
sniffing a used tampon
"They used to call me the tampax child, i guess it explains my love for the japanese flag"
by satanicbean April 14, 2009
Fairy liquid is when you finger or fist a woman resulting with a hand that is incredibly soft
John: "My hands feel like they have been in bowl fairy liquid"

Gavin: "Do they smell like it too?"

John: "No....quite rank really"
by satanicbean April 14, 2009
The act of putting a thermos flask under your kilt, removing the lid to steam and warm up the male genitalia.

Often used in the scottish highlands
Hamish: It's unbelievably cold today

Colin: Aye, it certainly is...it's time for a thermos dip me thinks
by satanicbean April 15, 2009
Code word language for "Erect and Masty" i.e erection and masturbation. The code word of wax cheese to insinuate the smell and the penis jacket (the condom)
John: "Hey gavin, i like that bird...i'd love to give her a bit of edam but no d"

Gavin: "You dirty boy"
by satanicbean April 14, 2009
Verb: The action of seeing someone in passing you would like to have sex with whilst mumbling the words out in your speech at a volume only you can hear.
A hot girl with blonde hair sits under a tree and flicks her hair back

Man mumbles: "i'd love to fuck that girl real hard"

Thus doing a mono-perv
by satanicbean April 14, 2009
A build up of man bree. The build up of calcium deposits on a mans penis. Short term speak for "dick-cheese"
John: "What is that smell?"

Gavin: "Probably my diechie build up."
by satanicbean April 14, 2009

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