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when somethings hapening, whatever it is just sucks
"yo tom whats crapenin!?"
by satan beef April 03, 2010
failure to hackey sack, hack fail
damn dude! im trying to hack and your over there doucheing!
by satan beef April 01, 2010
a word to use to describe anything your mind can imagine
guy one: "whatd you think of that shit man?"
guy two: " that shit was pretty awso"
by satan beef April 03, 2010
your girlfriends best friend who hates you and you hate as well, or vise versa. anyone who agrees to act somewhat respectfull to a person as they do the same with the understanding that they both hate eachother
girlfriends best friend: i hate you
boyfriend: i hate you too bitch
girlfriends best friend: let's be frienemys
boyfriend: ok
by satan beef April 03, 2010
the act in which a pip'n ass male gets some sweet juicy pussy in the hours of 2:00pm to about 6-6:30pm
"gonna find my baby gonna hold her tight gonna bring on down, some afternoon delight"
by satan beef April 02, 2010

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