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The real Asperger's Syndrome is part of autism. However, some posers decide to be "autistic" and start self-diagnosing themselves as those who Asperger's Syndrome. Not only do they make it seem more like a poser disorder, they make real aspies want to beat the living shit out of them.

The example would be an emo kid who labels herself having Asperger's without a doctor who knows shit. I'm not much into emo shit so I knew that emos try to look cool using other people's diagnoses. What about being Bi-Polar and having that emo use that diagnosis sent by the doctor instead?
BTW, I know better than to proclaim to have Asperger's Syndrome even though I'm been diagnosed with one by the doctor. It is not glamorous or hot. In fact, it makes me too much like Phil Fry when I walk around in the city.
by Sasquatch_Rebel May 02, 2008
An American who waves american flags, supports George W. Bush, and is proud to be part of the rich populace. Most people who are rich and upper middleclass, part of the more politically influenced churches and religions, and are against those who are Anti-war, pro-choice, feminist, and other liberals who "corrupt" America's moral and social soil especially in the Bible Belt. Tends to be socially, philosophically, and educationally uneducated in other words as they deal with anarchists (especially those who side with anarcho-syndicalism and anarcho-communism)and other liberals/radicals who are opposed to the State's ideas especially about War, Enviromentalism, and other ideas that impact America and other nations. Also the slave to American corporatism.
1. There are so many American Idiots in Missouri! God, there is even one living right next to me!
by Sasquatch_Rebel May 05, 2008
Creatures with one top half of it human and the other half scorpion. Often depicted in Sumerian and other early Mesopotamian art, they were armed with stingers and bows and arrows that never missed the target. One of them did help Giglamesh get to the Land of the Dead.
*Scorpion Men scramper by*

Nerd: "Did you see Scorpion men walk by?"

Jock: "Are you imagining this shit again?"
by Sasquatch_Rebel May 02, 2008
1. One who fucks kings (i.e. a queen)

2. King of all Fuckers

3. Probably some moron who named himself that.
1. OMG! Lady Rachel didn't want to be a King Fucker!

2. O Yea! I'm the King Fucker!

3. Of course, one guy on MySpace who named himself King_Fucker should change his name.
by Sasquatch_Rebel May 02, 2008
A contentous yet metriculously evil character from FFVII, Sephiroth tend to be self-absorbed in being a God and tries to kill Cloud and anyone else from reaching his final goal. He wields a masasume and considered himself to be the son of Jenova. Yet, in Crisis Core, he opens up to only a select few like Zack Fair and Angeal.
Sephiroth did kill Aerith, remember?
by Sasquatch_Rebel May 03, 2008
1.Someone who tries to be popular by looking or acting like someone else. Sometimes, NOOBS are also called posers when they act like other people in the group without a hint of autheniticy. Happens in most common style groups like Goth, Punk, Wigger (Chav), and most infamously, Prep and Pop culture.

2. A character, show, or actor that doesn't have a clue of being individually styled.
Johnny is still a poser to the prep kids after he tried to wear the same brands as every one else.

Hot Topic was one of the most feared poser-stores to both true Punks and Goths alike.
by Sasquatch_Rebel April 30, 2008
Gay name for the gay president
Our Prez Bush is a cowboy who is so gay, he wants your money from the oil you buy. What a fag!
by Sasquatch_Rebel May 02, 2008

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