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Your favored form of music.
I need to pick up that BrandNew CD &get me some ear candy.
by Sashi January 11, 2005
1. Describing someone who is abnormally better than everyone else.
2. Opposite of a slizzy.
3. Just about the coolest penguin ever.
1. Whoa, Sashi is totally stizzy
2. Dude, she is such a stizzy. I <3 her
3. Stizzy rocks.
by Sashi April 11, 2005
A sexy guy with a two inch penis that everyone wants.
Ben Regan is such a phehpernoose with his two inch penis...that I want...

Oo I do love him. (In the slightly sexual friendly way)
by Sashi April 29, 2005
a person that is a vegetarian
I would never eat at Phil's Steak House, nothing there is vejjo.
by Sashi December 08, 2004
the act of throwing items like a javelin
Man, she javelined that pencil at me and hit me in the eye.
by Sashi November 15, 2004
The sweet roundess that we call, the earth
We live on the umm.. thingamawhatsit
by Sashi April 21, 2005
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