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36 definitions by sasha

A symbol of protection and guidance. Also, sailors would nautical stars tattooed on their forearms as a good luck symbol in hopes of returning home safely.
I just got nautical stars tattooed on my shoulders.
by Sasha June 14, 2006
124 85
The new "farty" psychedelic children's exercise show from the creators of Teletubbies.
Oh ya! The creators of this show were obviously smoking some good shit!
by Sasha January 10, 2005
41 11
mentally:when a person is obsessed with another person, inatimate object,or animal
visually: staring at or gazing at something or in a constant direction for a long time
I naturally have a fixation for women when I see them.
by Sasha June 14, 2006
51 22
a name for a hot gurl
da gurl is a fine showty
by Sasha February 27, 2004
64 35
the fear of painful bowels movements.
'i can't go to the bathroom! I just had thanksgiving dinner and i have Defecaloesiophobia!!!'
by sasha December 09, 2003
31 7
when your stomach " dun lapped" over your pants
Hey that lady over there needs to pull her pants up- she gots Dunlap Syndrome.
by Sasha June 15, 2006
39 21
a childrens tv show on nickelodeon some years ago.
i just watched kablam yesterday!
by sasha December 21, 2003
37 20