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2 definitions by sarizzle

kevin g from mean girls is a mathlete and one fine indian rapper.
yo yo yo
all you sucka MC's aint got nothin on me
on my grades on my lines cant touch kevin g
im a mathlete im a nerd but forget what you heard im like james bond the third sh-sh-shaken not stirred im kevin gnapoor

the g's silent when i sneak through your door
and make love to your woman on the bathroom floor
i dont play it like shaggy you'll know it was me cuz hte next time you see her she will be like "OH KEVIN G!!"
by Sarizzle January 02, 2005
An idiotic way of saying "Fo Shizzle" Mainly by Paulina.
Paulina-for shizzle
sarah-its fo shizzle
P-i liek to pronounce all my letters!
by sarizzle March 07, 2005