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NOOOOO!! that's not the joke!! youare a liar!

"Why was 6 afraid of 7?"
"Because 7,8,9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

<Audience is supposed to crack up laughing...>

Note that I said SUPPOSED.... :)
by Samus Aran is awesome June 13, 2005
If you type this in a caluclator and you flippy it upsidey-down, you get to see some persons thong!!! w0000t! try it!
(Actually, it says h3ll0)
by Samus Aran is Awesome May 09, 2005
Awesome spy, 73|-| best in the world.

A.K.A.: James Bond
00= license to kill

7=the number of teh person that has the license the kill, so they're are 7 more people.... like Trevelyan (I hopeI spell ed it right)
by Samus Aran is Awesome May 23, 2005
The font that Urban Dictionary uses for the "Example"
by Samus Aran is Awesome May 26, 2005
'Tis the word "tits" in ;337 speek... :P
Does thou have thy tits? Or thy flask? Ye can't get ye flask!!! Why on earth can I not get ye flask?
by Samus Aran is Awesome May 09, 2005
tits in l337 speak

You have no tits!
You like to drink tits for fun
by Samus Aran is Awesome May 09, 2005
Oh My Fucking Fuck

dUDE: OMFF!!! You fucked yourself!

Dude: So waht? Go Tuck yourself in!
by Samus Aran is Awesome June 25, 2005

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