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'Tis the word "tits" in ;337 speek... :P
Does thou have thy tits? Or thy flask? Ye can't get ye flask!!! Why on earth can I not get ye flask?
by Samus Aran is Awesome May 09, 2005
tits in l337 speak

You have no tits!
You like to drink tits for fun
by Samus Aran is Awesome May 09, 2005
1. Leet speak for "TITS."

2. The last four digits of my phone number, making me the luckiest man on earth.
1. 5h0w m3 y0ur 7175.

2. Yes, you can reach me on my cell any time at 442-7175.
by homesliceofpizza November 29, 2008
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