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a building where teachers try and make you conform to their thoughts.
fucking school sucks balls
by samuek November 20, 2004
Stupid Room filled with shitty music , people you hate , girls trying to look like whores and sweat.
the school dance blows
by samuek January 26, 2005
the process of tellin ones lies to hide the fact that u dun like ppl so that everyone will like you
hey marcia i just lied to tammy to try and make my popularity go up.
by samuek November 22, 2004
Those spikey green trees that cause thousands of people to be pinched a year, tragically.
"monkey tree cant pinch back!"
by Samuek July 22, 2008
A Great Cd Produced By The Deftones..An outstanding band of the hard rock genre
i listen to Whitepony all last night
by samuek November 22, 2004
those crazy things you wear on your face, but for a good cause
look at that idiot wearing bifocals
by samuek November 20, 2004
When you are bored and alone, you keep texting someone and subsequently that person is keeping you company via texts.
That is thumb-pany. When someone keeps you company with texts.
Im all alone at this bus stop, can you keep me thumb-pany?
by samuek August 11, 2010
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