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Not wiping you bum enough after a poop, and some poo residue is left on your tighty whities...thereby looking like a treadmark.
I didnt wipe hard enough, theres poo on my underwear, and now i have tread marks
by Samuek July 22, 2008
Something That You think is really cool , but you dont want to personally have.
Don Cherry's voice is very vertentive
by samuek November 22, 2004
When you pummel someone with text message when you are drunk, most of them sexual and inappropriate. Usually the person you are texting will not respond or try and get you to stop
I committed Textual Assualt on my friend last night. Sent her 30 texts in a row of jibberish and pics of my dong.
by Samuek June 04, 2013
the Mans Condom for man. Demandom Mandoms , reusuable mandoms for man only for men at mandom store man stores , man , man man man , mans..Mans. Demandom mandoms.
would u like to buy mandoms maam
by samuek January 29, 2005
a vaginal plug......
man this tampon really plugs my vaginal area very well
by samuek November 20, 2004
The most lazy, and unoriginal way to engage a conversation. Used by people who are bored with whom they are talking to, or have nothing else to say.
"Hey man...uh....what up
by Samuek July 22, 2008
Stupid Brand Of Clothing worn by the preppiest of the preps , worn by almost everyone now..it accentuates ur ass and if ur ass isnt perfect u look like a fat pig.
oh no everyone's wearin T&A i have to get me a pair now.. they only cost 100$ a piece but i have to be kool!
by samuek November 22, 2004
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