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Body or belly shots can break the ice quite quickly in a bar or at a party. The most common shot is tequila because this involves licking some salt off the holder of the shot first and then taking the lime wedge from this persons mouth afterwards. Any shot will do, however. The key to this type of shot is that there are two consenting adults involved.

For Males
Female places shot between her breasts or lies on the bar and places it in her navel.

For Females
Male places shot in the top of his pants or lies on the bar and places it in his navel.
Brenda did body shots off Chad all night, then they fucked.
by sammer July 12, 2005
to have weird drunken sex, usually outdoors.
we chicken noodled in the backyard a little, but i don't really remember much.
by sammer July 12, 2005
pretty high off marijuana
will and i got clam chowdered off that mids today... it was halfway decent!
by sammer July 12, 2005
When a bar tender stirs a drink with their dick.
Kim gave the bar tender a nasty attitude when asking for a drink so he stirred her drink with his dick while saying your dirty boyscout is on the house.
by Sammer July 04, 2015
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