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Used to describe activities carried out while sleeping or sleepwalking.
Jimmy often sent somnambulatory emails and comments to his friends about really whack things. Many of his friends stopped talking to Jimmy because of his somnambulatory ways.
by samjam September 07, 2007
acronym for 'I Look Forward To Killing You Soon', popularized by the online podcast Ask A Ninja.
hollaninja3: alright homeskillet peaceeeee
ninjafoshinja: yea yea ilftkys...
by samjam February 03, 2008
Originally meaning "twice baked" in its homeland, this term for a coffee associated snack is applied to the after-baked feelings and effects of marajuana.
'Lets bounce, shall we?'
'sure, man, but you'd better drive, im sooo biscotti right now.'
by samjam February 06, 2008
National Burnout Society. Often is used to desribe one with greasy hair and questionable fashion/hygiene habits.
mark: He's so stuck in the 80s.
sam: Forreal, he's the NBS chairman.
by samjam September 08, 2007

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