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When you bite into a thick sandwich and the fixings within the sandwich protrude and spill out from the bread.
She took a bite of her tuna melt and ejacwiched all over her salad which was adjacent her fries.
by samdiego October 27, 2009
When a patient, who is classified as a R/O myocardial infarction, is in the process of completing, or has completed, three troponin lab draws.
Ms. Philips came in with 3/10 chest pain last night. The plan is to trop out and possibly discharge today after her stress test.
by samdiego November 23, 2009
When your partner, typically a male, wishes to have marathon sex when you are not sexually aroused, are sleepy, not in the mood, or are otherwise preoccupied.
Not only are my inner thighs bruised, but I am absolutely exhausted after last night's orgeal.
by samdiego October 28, 2009
When a person enters a group or into the vicinity of others, deliberately passes gas, and then departs as if nothing happened.
Oh my gosh! Do you smell that? I think Bill from accounting just gas passsed us before he left. We should invite him out for a power lunch and get him back.
by samdiego October 27, 2009
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