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492 definitions by sam

a bad excuse for a band that makes teh same song with different lyrics again and again. any bands from the past 20 years are just rip offs of the ramones, led zeppelin, iron maiden, judas priest, the sex pistols and other bands like them
green day, yellowcard, finger 11 and thrice are all gay
by sam March 27, 2005
A term used for thought, in relation to an ultimate decision that could change your life forever.
To borange?, or not to borange, that is the question.
by Sam January 04, 2005
Short for mozzarella, mild and rubbery Italian cheese that is often eaten melted, as on pizza
When the waiter comes back, I'm going to order some mozza sticks.
by Sam December 31, 2004
Used to describe a person that is always right, or makes the correct decision; with a minimal amount of work.
Jeff did not study for the test, but still got an A. "Righteous!"
by Sam July 26, 2004
stupid definition is "someone who is in a Person In Mariage Prblems"
"I am a PIMP."
"I shall go and solve some PIMP's."
by Sam November 07, 2003
Yelled when a crippled or handicapped person is seen.
by Sam May 05, 2003
A shitty litte person, like miniature adult but with a worse temper.
That munchkin keeps pissing and moaning about getting his ass kicked by kids.
by Sam January 24, 2003