492 definitions by sam

A shitty litte person, like miniature adult but with a worse temper.
That munchkin keeps pissing and moaning about getting his ass kicked by kids.
by Sam January 24, 2003
The best OTP. Ever.
"What's your favorite Firefly pairing?"
"Oh, Rayne!"
by Sam February 18, 2006
See above
Abdullah..the attention seeking asshole who makes fun of people for no reason.
by sam April 13, 2004
somthin that you will never live down
"dude, you have scabies"
by sam November 05, 2003
silver jewelry
by sam July 08, 2003
A man who is both God and Satan, simultaneously.
All hail Bill Gates! On second thought, don't.
by Sam July 17, 2005
Otherwise know as Rickie on neowin. Has a duron.
I am rickie ph34r me!!!!!!11111111111111111oneoneoneONE
by Sam May 04, 2005

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