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497 definitions by sam

Used to describe a person that is always right, or makes the correct decision; with a minimal amount of work.
Jeff did not study for the test, but still got an A. "Righteous!"
by Sam July 26, 2004
31 57
stupid definition is "someone who is in a Person In Mariage Prblems"
"I am a PIMP."
"I shall go and solve some PIMP's."
by Sam November 07, 2003
2 28
somthin that you will never live down
"dude, you have scabies"
by sam November 05, 2003
27 53
Yelled when a crippled or handicapped person is seen.
by Sam May 05, 2003
8 34
a form of birth control
Lets have sex! Im on lactate
by Sam March 11, 2005
19 46
the white line is the ting
have you got the ting !
by sam June 23, 2004
7 34