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A term used for thought, in relation to an ultimate decision that could change your life forever.
To borange?, or not to borange, that is the question.
by Sam January 04, 2005
the white line is the ting
have you got the ting !
by sam June 23, 2004
silver jewelry
by sam July 08, 2003
a form of birth control
Lets have sex! Im on lactate
by Sam March 11, 2005
somthin that you will never live down
"dude, you have scabies"
by sam November 05, 2003
A man who is both God and Satan, simultaneously.
All hail Bill Gates! On second thought, don't.
by Sam July 17, 2005
Otherwise know as Rickie on neowin. Has a duron.
I am rickie ph34r me!!!!!!11111111111111111oneoneoneONE
by Sam May 04, 2005

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