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An amazing band headed by Jared Leto, the coolest evAr. They rock out of the universe with their glyphics. Welcome to the Universe.
Jared Leto sings for the band 30 Seconds to Mars, and they are greatzor.
by Sam Nizzle January 31, 2004
Basically two. But you can use it whenever you feel like it.
"How are you doing Jimmy?" Jimmy: "Doso!"

"Did you like that hotdog Harold?"
Harold: "Yes, doso."

"How many members of Backstreet Boys are macnasty Shantay?"
Shantay: "Duh, doso."
by sam nizzle August 16, 2005
friggin osome band
You heard that song "Utopia" by Socialburn, it is behad. Actually, their whole CD is friggin behad.
by Sam Nizzle September 23, 2003
the worst thing ever
Man, that girl looks gakdirt in that bakini yo
by Sam Nizzle September 26, 2003
Game involving a piece of paper rolled up into a ball where you and friends kick the paper with your foot and try to keep it up in the air.
Yo, Ms. Combs, want to play ball-sack?
by Sam Nizzle September 26, 2003
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