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45 definitions by sally

what one calls a girl with the birth name Lauren, who teases men and uses them for sex; while waving a dustmop and a vaccuum
by Sally August 12, 2003
English canal network phrase. To walk along the towpath watching the boats go by.
I like to walk the dog and gongoozle on a Sunday afternoon
by Sally September 19, 2004
Pandelephant is a name given to a good-luck keychain that is a panda in an elephant suit. The panda is black and white, and the elephant is blue.
Pandelephant is a special gift i received from Ayaka. Only I own him, there are no other in this world.
by SALLY August 19, 2004
Mispronuciation of Lobster. Often used by disco when ordering from Hunan. Other usuages include, wobasta.
Herro I would wike some yummy wobsta pwease.
by sally March 25, 2003
used in place of the word 'ass'
Don't be such a dumb ath.
by Sally February 06, 2005
A peanut is not actually a nut, it is a legume. Legumes have nitrogen fixers called "nodules" on their roots which convert N2 gas into Nitrate, which is edible for a plant.
A Peanut is a legume
by Sally January 29, 2005
A comeback created in the early 21st century describing one's feelings to the other side of an argument or issue in a simple and effective form. Can be abbreviated to 'boody'. Related comebacks include: I don't care. Get over it. Whatever.
Tanya: OH my God I can't believe you said that it's really out of order that's really really mean that is actually really stupid you know you're really mean.
Lazy Bob: Boody boo.
by Sally July 25, 2004