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14 definitions by saggy sammy

To attack someone or something by wildly charging them full force with no sort of tact or skill other than one's own momentum and possibly the backs and sides of their fists as they randomly flail them out of rage, but certainly consisting of no precisely swung blows.
"Dude, Charlie just bum rushed me!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
340 145
Also niggerlip. To unintentionally or intentionally slobber all over the mouth end of a spliff, so that when it is passed to the next guy it is very moist and therefore unpleasant for him, or even completely unsmokable. (Origin: early 1930's, from the fact that niggers characteristically have big slobbery wet lips.)
"Who in the hell nigger lipped this here joint?"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
107 33
A black person, used disparagingly.
(Origin: early 20th century, from shoeshine, for the fact they often shine shoes for richer white folks.) See also jigaboo, jig, porchmonkey, nigger.
"I can't believe I let those freaking shines sell me that sex machine!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
77 56
1. Slang for genetalia, usually used in reference to the male penis or balls or all three in combination.

2. Also, a nipple or breast

3. Anus

4. Chiefly British, one's navel (bellybutton)
"Dude, Ryan's got a huge niche!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
147 135
To screw someone else in the anus, either by force or because they like it. Usually used in reference to two homosexual males screwing. Also buttslam.
"Charlie just butt slammed Richard!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
14 6
-noun (plural, used with singular verb)
Whatever is left on one's plate after they finish eating. The scraps that remain after something is done; leftovers.
"Eat your orts or you won't get any dessert."
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
7 0
A way to draw an elephant head so that it looks like a cock and balls.
"It's not a cock, it's an elephant. It's saggy sammy!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
8 2