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When a guy puts his cock and balls in between his legs and closes them all the way. Posing like he has a pussy.
Shawn wayaans in scary movie is such a pussy poser.
by sage thunder April 12, 2010
Indie rock is short for a rock band that's on independent record label. Its not a sound or a music style. The media has apparently confused or brain washed people who don't know what it is to start believing it is tho. Really since the 70s and 80s indie rock bands have gotten mainstream attention without being on a major label. Notable since the 70s to 2000s are joy division,the smiths,oasis,blur,the libertines,arcade fire. Which are all alternative. So when someone says its all the same or is a sound it makes no sense cause theres hardrock bands,heavy metal bands,punk rock bands and more different rock genres on a indie label.
Girl: have you heard indie rock like the killers,death cab for cutie,the strokes? they all have the indie sound. Guy: no those bands are on major labels and indie rock does not have a sound. But I love those bands. Girl: oh!
by sage thunder November 07, 2010
Hardcore emo is when your girlfriend breaks up with you in highschool and embarrass you so bad that. You lose all of your friends and popularity. This causes you to quit the football team. And start wearing leather jackets only small black t-shirts skinny jeans and converse. And write songs about all bad things that happend to you. And run away from home.
Kid1:hey just yesterday that kid was capten of the team. Now he's all dark and writes sad songs. Kid2:I know that's because he's hardcore emo.
by sage thunder March 24, 2010
1: A made up music genre. 2: A music genre that sucks(sorry emos its horrible music. And I like emos but there isn't one great band). 3: A subcoulture with guys and hot girls. They are so misunderstood.
The music sucks but the emos are cool
by sage thunder April 14, 2010
When people know that good shit is playing.And turn up the radio. (usually by people that know real music when they hear it).
High school guy:hey the strokes last nite is the shzz.now that's the turn up song. But this girl in my school said there lame! Me: that's because she stuck in fad music. She's like 14 or 15 anyway. But your the exception.
by sage thunder March 20, 2010
To call someone or just someone that is fucking ugly. You take most of the word fucking off and just add f to ugly.
Lol!!! That radio dj just called miley cyrus fugly.
by sage thunder April 16, 2010
Grenade free america. When you say screw the grenades. If there's hot chicks with a grenade. Fuck it move on.
Mark: let's go to the club gfa. Cause grenades are nothing but trouble and to ugly to fuck. Jack: cool.
by sage thunder July 07, 2010

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