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A great genre of british alternative rock in the nineties. Made popular by bands suede and blur in the begining. Most britpop bands main influences are the beatles,the smiths,and the stone roses. U.s. Reconition started with blurs album leisure in 1991.Then latter in 1994 oasis released definently maybe and blur released parklife which started the battle of britpop mainly in the u.k. Though. Blur had a more sucsessful single won the battle. But in 1996 what's the story mourning glory came out kicked blurs asses. In 1997 britpop died because oasis be here now album was mediocre camparred to there other albums. This lead blur lead singer to say fuck britpop and release a self titiled album that nothing to do with britpop. It had one the greatest songs of the nineties song 2. That was influenced by american alternative rock.people seem to confused with was brit pop.radiohead not britpop,the verve post-britpop.with britpop dead came post-britpop. Good thing post-punk/garage rock revival came out cause post-britpop wayyy to soft.
Brit1: I wish oasis album be here now didn't suck cause here's post-britpop. Brit2: yeah cause coldplay and the verve are to soft and radioheads to boring.
by sage thunder March 19, 2010
1: Someone you go out with or hang around cause you want to kiss and have sex with. 2: a girl that is your friend.
Ex1: I just made love to my girlfriend. Ex2: I tell my girlfriend my problems.
by sage thunder April 23, 2010
The act of a person being hit on the button. Usually the chin or behind the ear. Then going unconcious.
I saw a mma fight and guy got hit hard on the chin by a punch. He dropped and layed on the ground frozen for about 20-30 seconds. He got knocked out cold.
by sage thunder June 11, 2010
A place where indie bands and upincoming bands make there u.s. Tv debut. And promote one of their early albums.
I saw the soft pack and white lies on the david letterman show.
by sage thunder April 05, 2010
The greatest city in the world. Plain and simple.
Why move to los angeles. When you can move to new york city.
by sage thunder April 05, 2010
A popular song on the billboards. Can be good songs other than just pop songs. Can also be very overated and/or overplayed songs.
Good hit singles: the killers mr. Brightside,oasis wonderwall, white stripes seven nation army. Green day boulavard of broken dreams. Lady gaga just dance (a pop song but atually good) Overated and overplayed: u2 one love,coldplay viva la vida, green day wake up when september ends, lil wayne lolipop
by sage thunder April 24, 2010
A guy or girl that likes to feel on girls. But only when the girl does not mind.
See that guy? He's feeling on that girl and she doesent seem to care. Total girl feeler.
by sage thunder April 23, 2010

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