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An amazing band from Bradenton, Florida. Friends since childhood, the foursome (singer and guitarist Travis Clark, guitarist Hunter Thomsen, bassist, and also Hunter's brother, Drew Thomsen, and drummer Danny Duncan) formed the band while still attending Martha B. King Middle School; their name refers to this institution.
They are currently signed to the independent label S-Curve Records.
They have toured with All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, The Audition, Mayday Parade, Madina Lake, Powerspace, Cobra Starship, The Cab, and Metro Station. They will also be playing at Warped Tour, 2008.
We The Kings pwn,
greatest band ever.
by CHEWIE. March 15, 2008
A really good punk pop band that helped me get thru my last break up...they're actually from Florida (Bradenton) they're not to popular rite now but they are gaining popularity so listen while you can, and when they do sell out, you can say "I listened to these guys back in the day....yeah you know what I'm talkin about"
Listening to We The Kings made me realize that I didnt really love her, I just fooled myself into thinking that
by fill in the blank March 11, 2008
the greatest band of all time. they're based in tennessee.
my favorite song of theirs is check yes juliet
i wish i could go to the we the kings concert in march!!
by stupid sophomore February 06, 2008
An extremely generic sounding band. They try to sound punk, but fail miserably. Their hit song is called check yes juliet, in which the lead singer had his balls kicked into his ribcage in order to create the faggy vocals he makes use of. Basically it's the only song anyone will know by them, and their "real fans" will mock anyone who doesn't know a song other than that. And of course, once they go mainstream there will be tons of posers bragging about how they liked them when they were undergound.
Moron 1: MAN, I remember back in 2007 when we the kings were underground, now that they've sold out I don't like their music anymore.


Moron 3: lawl, I've never heard of nevermore, or nirvana, or Iron Maiden, BUT WE THE KINGS ARE BETTAR THAN THEM! I KNOW THIS!
by dogburnstate July 13, 2008
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