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The ultimate mid-life crisis car.
When Carl noticed his receding hairline, the first thing he did was run out to the local Porsche dealership, where he bought a bright red 911 with a rear spoiler the size of a dinig room table.
by S_t_G April 06, 2005
The spawn of Satan. A stupid, uptight (surprizingly liberal) bitch, and wife of Al Gore, who has nothing better to do than to try and destroy America.

(The other definitions are better)
Tipper Gore is the spawn of Satan! >_<
by S_t_G December 19, 2004
An attractive woman who does not have any children yet, but hopes to someday, so she can become an actual milf.

See Britney Spears
Britney Spears was photographed wearing a T-shirt that said, "MILF in training"

What a stupid whore.
by S_t_G December 26, 2004
More stoners and pot growers per capita that pretty much anywhere else in the world.
Los Osos, although a small town, is a major agricultural mecca. ;)
by S_t_G May 07, 2005
Turns Google into the best way to find porn. :D
Go into the Search Preferences, and disable the "SafeSearch".
by S_t_G December 26, 2004
The "escape" key. It, like, closes windows, or programs, or something like that. Often used in vain by computer illiterate school teachers to somehow fix a frozen computer.
- "Mrs. So-and-so!"
- "Yes?"
- "I think my computer froze."
*teacher walks over*
- "Hmmm...."
*teacher repeatedly taps the "Esc" key*
- "Well, I'm not sure what's wrong. Just go to another computer."
- "But I'm in the middle of an assignment!"
- "Well, tough shit!"
by S_t_G December 25, 2004
Origin is a death metal band from Kansas that is known for being extremely fast and technically complicated.
The best way to scare small children and kill elderly people with heart conditions is to play some Origin cranked up really loud.
by S_t_G April 25, 2006

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