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The baptism of pepper is a sacred pratice used in situations of divine intoxication.

The baptism is performed only when an individual is so heavily intoxicated that he or she has lost all motor functions, ability to speak coherently or perfom any act which requires neurological conciousness.

The process of the baptism requires a simple pepper dispensing utencil, for example a pepper pot, pepper mill, pepper grinder, or even the common hand.

The pepper is to be dispensed on to the head of the indvidual at any spot, but as most paraletic drunkards lie face down the common spot is the back of the head. A liberal amount is required to perform a precise baptism, powdered pepper is prefered, but ground pepper may be used.

Once the individual is baptised it is common practice to shower them with empty bottles and other objects which are in close proximity and capture the momentus event on camera with view to using it to shame that individual on future occasions.
"Lad: Da cleeva was given the baptism of pepper by Shake and he will forever carry the burden until his passage to the afterlife."
by S. Ladavooch April 18, 2006
- Tired and Ill is a term used to refer to one who is under the effects of intoxication after a heavy session of devouring acloholic beverages.

The term was coined from a phone call which was made to the parents of an individual who was heavily under the effects of intoxication and needed to return home, but in doing so, making the effects of his intoxication seem as if it were caused by fatigue and illness thus the term "tired and ill" was born.
"Da Cleeva: Could you give me a lift home mother, I feel very tired and ill."

"Stain: I'm going to get very tired and ill tonight"

"Shake: That lad is so tired and ill he requires a baptism of pepper."
by S. Ladavooch April 18, 2006
- Dirty Digger

Slang term for someone of Black-African descent, see nigger, negroid, jungle bunny.

Dom - "Some wog tried to pinch my gear."

Si - "Dirty digger."
by S. Ladavooch September 10, 2006
- Snapper Woffle (Snapperwoffle).

Code name for 'Sniper Rifle'.

The term is often used by peoples who spend most of their waking lives playing online first person shooters i.e. CS, Unreal Tournament, Halo etc. see FPS.
n00blet-1 : Dude, I got the Snapper Woffle!!!!. I'm going to PWN you all!!!!11!!!!1!

n00blet-2 : ROFLmao!

n00blet-3 : uber 7eet Hax0r, uber Snapper Woffle hax.

CS Announcer Man : HEADSHOT

n00blet-1 : Uber PWNAGE Rofl!
by S. Ladavooch September 10, 2006
- Tycoon

A derogatory term for someone who is of Thai-Black-African descent.

See "Tiger Woods".
Person - "That Tiger Woods is such a tycoon."
by S. Ladavooch September 30, 2006

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