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a gun, gat
arthur will get skenned by theobalds sken.
by robinson crueso March 10, 2004
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a Lancashire word meaning to stare.
lad 1; What you skenning at?
lad 2; Not you, you ugly ponce.
by littleloubigboobies October 14, 2009
- Sken

Sken is a phrase used to alert someone to your desire to view an object or to describe the act of looking at or viewing something ("Skennin'").

The phrase itself originated in Manchester and is generally only used in North Western locations e.g. Manchester, Wigan, Bolton etc.
Lad - "I banged me leg on't table."

Lass - "Yer muppet, lets have a sken."
by S. Ladavooch September 30, 2006
A more 'gangster' way to say skeen. Used when somebody says something stupid, irrelavent or where there is sufficient silence after the person has spoken for everyone else in the conversation could hear the air blow past.
Frequently used by 'budmuns' such as Gledders, Varma and other MTS pussios.
Similar to: Airtime, Okay den!, skeen
Person1: Bruv, Teletubbies was such a sick programme alie lol.
Person2: Sken. You're bare gay!
by Gledders July 09, 2009
Someone with a bad condition to face, the same meaning as Steck. (someone with acne)
You Little Sken!
Is This Sken Calling Me A Steck?
by Liam Barry May 11, 2005
A "nice" like chap who makes friends before attemoting to seduce female members of family, ie sisters, cousins, etc...
Fred - Wheres that pesky sken to.....
Barney - Abroad seeing the sister !
by Figo December 16, 2004
1. A robotic-like machine that is prone to short circuit. When under the influence will pump anything.

2. 'Screech' in Saved By The Bell
Fred: I felt mingin this morning after we got wrecked last nite, how you feel?

Sken: Im fine.
by Chopper December 15, 2004

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