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A phrase for use to highlight an ensuing awkward or unbelievable event. Mentioning that it is 'actually happening' helps to address either the awkwardness or awesomeness in the situation to everyone present. Therefore, can be used as a positive reinforcement to encourage the behaviour or as a negative reinforcement to discourage the offender.
Use in positive situation: Three hot women approach man and his friends in a bar and ask if they can join them.
Lucky Man: "This is actually happening."

Use in negative situation: A friend among a group starts to complain about other members of the group in an irrational and mood-ruining manner.
Any other group member: "This is actually happening."
by Rydo December 20, 2010
An unbelievably sharp/stabbing/debilitating pain in the District of Brown that normally lasts for up to 5 entire seconds and then completely disappears with no other side effects or manifestations.

A roughly biannual phenomenon, Random Anus Pain will occur (as the name suggests) for no apparent reason.

Usually happens when the sufferer is in the car, but not always. There is also an ensuing terror that 'This is it!' followed by perhaps several minutes of hyperventilating and the urge to immediately call someone and tell them about it.

It is thought that Random Anus Pain is similar to the body's 'falling off a mountain' flinch reaction when you are about to fall asleep. Except R.A.P. is your body's way of telling you that it can ruin you at any given moment, so you better start appreciating it.
You think childbirth was sore? You've obviously never had Random Anus Pain...
by Rydo January 24, 2011
The act of punching a vagina on the sweetspot so that it catches the hole to make a realistic batman noise
Things got a bit boring in the bedroom. Rodney had spilled his daily quota, but Kelly was lying spread-eagled with anticipation of an exciting climax, then it struck that she needed a Pussy Kapow!
by Rydo February 23, 2009
The anus.
I got invited to the District of Brown for a ball game. Please don't make me go back there.
by Rydo January 21, 2011
The act of carry another person on your shoulders. The person being carried will be facing forward with their legs draped on the carrier's chest. The carrier can then grip their shins for balance. Most easily done as a fun carrying method of a child, but occasionally with a fun-loving adult.

Warning: Giving an adult male a Shoodery can result in unwanted testicle-neck contact.

Named as such by the people of Glasgow, Scotland (Glaswegians) who pronounce the word 'shoulder' as 'shooder'.
Big Tess was so drunk the other night, I had to give her a Shoodery home. I only wish I'd known she was going commando, I had to prize her off with a crowbar and an inventive sort of suplex.
by Rydo December 28, 2010
The stain left on a gentleman's trouser after a wetting incident.
He walked into the party, like he was walking onto a yacht. His hat strategically dipped below one eye, his scarf it was apricot. And he also had a Yellow Map of Africa due to his incontinence. Not so vain now, huh?
by Rydo December 20, 2010
An inevitable patch of hairless scrotum where the testicles mostly rest against the gusset of the gentleman's underwear, resulting in friction baldness.
After a few years of carefree post-pubescent abandon, eventually every guy will suffer from male pattern balls.
by Rydo September 30, 2011

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