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1. an online forum member who is invisible as being active or online
2. an online forum member who posts very infrequently
1. userA: It doesn't show userB is online, but he just responded to my post.

userC: userB is a forum ghost. He may be here. He may not be.

2. userA: Where's userB and userD? They haven't responded for a week.

userC: They are forum ghosts. It may be a while before you get a response.
by rxm6 February 19, 2009
a person who posts online in a manner to make themselves impressive and is often caught up in his/her own lie by other online posters
posterA: i raced a ferrari on main street with my car last night and kicked its butt.

posterB: main street has been shut for a week.

posterC: haha, what a forum jockey
by rxm6 February 18, 2009

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