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A word used to describe the lady garden on a woman, often confused with the word gash or butchers wastebin
He stuck in my inmanaan and I woman semened on the ceiling
by rusty182 May 01, 2009
A word used to describe a womans sexual places. Sounds indian but it really isn't
I stuck a cucumber up my ranjanna and later my mum ate it :O
by rusty182 May 01, 2009
A Word to describe a friend whos breasts are visible from space or can be used as weapons of mass destruction
That Girl over there looks well brenda init greg.

Her brendas are massive, the world better watch out!
by rusty182 May 01, 2009
A word to describe the vagina on a woman. Often confused with an indian religion named after it for some silly reason
that man over there proper disrespected my punjab and I don't mean the religion!
by rusty182 May 01, 2009
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