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when u shit in the toilet and after u flush shit is still there..so u need to get the brush out to clean it
1. hey dad, u just went toilet painting.
2. ohh man i hate cleaning up toilet painting's.
by rufey82 March 11, 2009
Rufey is a type of drug that makes u very drowzy and is also a really cool nickname
1.Hey, slip me a rufey
2.Hey rufey get ur punk ass over here
by rufey82 March 11, 2009
Beezy is a word for meaning bitch if your mad. But when your aight you can call your tight friends that
1. Hey beezy, whats up?
2. Wtf you beezy!
by rufey82 March 11, 2009
Double Headed Dildo Vibrator
1.Hey Sally do you have my DHDV?
by Rufey82 March 15, 2010
is a sauk and fox leader in the 19th century, he faught in many wars and is a big icon in the southwest region of wisconsin, there is a school in Southwayne, wisconsin thats named after him. There is also a park and a war named after him.
1.Hey i was chillen in Black Hawk, and there was a bunch of hot chicks.
2.Black Hawk is a bad ass mother fucker
by rufey82 March 16, 2009

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