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a WANKER who's a wannabe GANGSTER. hooded teenage thugs from estates in north west london, who would rob primary school kids from their kentucky friend chicken while listening to 50 cents in their walkman...
50 cents, puff diddy, ja rule, so solid crew etc.
by rude_boy December 06, 2003
Unfinished piece of pseud-breakbeat music created a vista from repetition of one loop with no melody. Music genre on the verge of extintion due to internal and external wars between hundreds of members of every garage group (ie. crew - made up of exactly every black, chav and mixed race teenager from the estate). UK Garage artists tend to stab people or become part of gun violence episodes once they got famuous (not before like their american counterparts).

see also: Underground Garage - same as above but with so low budget, that has to be made on Playstation and there's no enough dosh for a real deep rollin bass... but ther's always ca. 30 fifteen year old mc's to fill the gap.
"Blood, let's chat on dat low quality ringtone loop me got on da phone and mek sum underground garage though... init.. ya get me"
by rude_boy February 17, 2006
inna british black slang someone so bloody ugly, that even white cockneys call him/her a minger:-) a geezer who's not a buff at all.
dat lakisha gaal, she's a flippin' butters, innit tyronne?
by rude_boy December 06, 2003
same shit like "wassaaa?" just from the country, where homies are called yardies;-)
wah gwaan rasta? wah'appen? where is me chalice?
by rude_boy December 06, 2003
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