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A modern concentration camp for homosexual mongs.
Clubs, like most concentration camps, are crowded, dark, damp, and lacking of sustenance. Its prisoners are tortured with loud, awful noises produced by people with Down syndrome.

Fortunately for club owners, homosexual mongs are retarded enough to return and even pay to be exploited in this manner, resulting in reduced costs associated with keeping these people locked up and away from society.
by rpr March 28, 2013
1. noun; Ex Dope/Murderdolls reject, kicked out of Static X under child abuse allegations. Can now be found in Angel Drive Correction Facility.

2. adjective; "to do a tripp". Urban slang given to a child molestor.
"SJ did a tripp on underage Vicki"
by RPR March 04, 2005
Geeky shitmusic made by a faggy geek for geeks. The lead vocalist is a hyper-pitched mouse.
The track 'Kill EVERYBODY' by Skrillex epitomises the vengeful fantasy of homosexual nerds.
by rpr August 01, 2012

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