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Sometimes mistaken for a grunger, into skating mainly boarding but can be inline. Doesn't necessarily have to be able to skate but the original skaters do. Baggy jeans, tops and big shoes.
Check out the SouthBank, London uk
by Roxy January 02, 2004
Cross between Drunk and Emotional, usually happens at parties when people get drunk and end up spilling their feelings all over the floor
He was so demo I couldn't get away from him for hours
by Roxy April 18, 2005
A white person with tilted eyes like the chinese. Similar to "chink." Another pronunciation would be chintzy, also similar to chinky.
You're such a chint!
by Roxy April 12, 2005
"Skunt" was introduced into this world by a wise man named Viktor (a.k.a bloodbath) While under the influence one night.

"skunt" is the combination of Skank and Cunt
"Stop skunting up my sheets"

"Dont be such a mothing fucking skunt"

To add a little "spice" to your insult, Use "skunt fuck" in a sentence.
by Roxy August 06, 2004
Also known as Green Day Fix, originated when me and Rory realised we couldn't get enough of the American Idiot's albumn and were becoming addicted. Therfore everyday we need our Green Day fix to keep us alive and semi on the ball. The day has not begun until I have my Green Day hit.
Me: Woah dude, i haven't had my Green Day Hit.
R:Yeah me neither, better have it.
Me:Ahhh, thats better...
by Roxy February 02, 2005
me bein a townie myself i fink this is aloada bullshite!!!! get a fukin life a finkppl"goth" ava lota beta finks t do instead ov writin shit stuff on ere dissin townies...piss me rite off man!
all goths seem t fink all townies do is sit at a bus stop all nite...BUT WE DNT!! yea might drink alota but hey ya only live once!
by Roxy February 13, 2005
someone who doesn't eat meat
you are a friggin vegetation
by Roxy September 23, 2004

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