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28 definitions by roxy

showt, when something doesnt go in your favor
No Blowjob this week ? You Showt!
by Roxy March 09, 2005
16 0
An amazingly great bad with educating and meaningful lyrics. Often associated with getting your Green Day hit everyday, often someone isn't truly with it/awake/living if they haven't had theire Green Day hit/fix.
Yo Dude, I haven't had my Green Day fix yet........Ah, thats better.
by Roxy February 01, 2005
94 78
Whasup= A spelling error for whatsup, whats up, wassup, or just for people who want to be <s>cool</s>
Whasup dude
by roxy December 13, 2003
27 16
Person who snorts all availble blow in one night.
Yesterday I asked Perry Henke where my blow was. He said "I snorted it all". I said "Perry, you fucking cokie monster.
by Roxy April 26, 2003
25 14
A club on Old Compton Street in Soho, London. As suggested by its name is a gay scene, but anyone can go if your into dancing around and having a wicked time in a great atmosphere.
1:We're going out tonight, do you want to come?
2:Sure, where to?
1:We're thinking of heading up to G-A-Y

'It's G-A-Y's bar night tonight'
by Roxy October 14, 2006
22 13
well seeing as my first definition didn't make sense. A rebelo is a person who is more rebel than rules, but will follow the rules where otherwise it would be very foolish not to. They are individual, people with their own style.
Girl:I know my boundaries, I'm a rebelo.
by Roxy February 02, 2005
5 3
cross between modern and retro
That dress is so modtro!
by Roxy May 28, 2005
5 4